We enable companies analyze, architect, build
and co-create software solutions.

Application development


  • APPLICATION DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENTTouchpoints has been engaged in delivering custom platform and application development services to its clients for more than 15 years. Our services in this area include:
    • Requirements
    • Technical Design
    • Development
    • Test planning
    • Test case creation
    • Test case execution and defect management
    • Corrective changes – address application defects
    • Adaptive changes – address changing business requirements
    • Perfective changes – address performance, reliability and efficiency issues
    • Business knowledge transfer and training
    • Technical knowledge transfer and training
    • Database upgrade
    • Application framework upgrade

Turnkey application

    • Requirements
    • Technical Design
    • Development
    • Test planning
    • Test case creation
    • Test case execution and defect management
    • Business knowledge transfer and training
    • Technical knowledge transfer and training
    • Application Platform Migration

Data solutions


We deliver data solutions that have actionable value. Period. Our team of Data Scientists, advanced Analytics professionals, and Data Engineers with advanced degrees in their fields is experienced across diverse areas ranging from e-commerce, Market spending analytics, sales propensity, bio-conductor analysis, data health visibility, software defect analytics and disease tracking to share a few.


Data Engineering

Data Sciences

Data Visualization

  • Ingestion
  • Cleansing
  • ETL
  • Modeling
  • Integration

We often start working with customers from a Data Engineering standpoint and then move up the ladder of building full-fledged machine learning solutions. This is because in most cases, even today, the data needed to make smart decisions is available in disparate systems and in different forms (structured/unstructured/streaming, etc.).

  • Analysis
  • Applied Statistics
  • Algorithm Development
  • Artificial Intelligence

We have experience on a variety of use cases that involve Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics. We enable Predictive and Prescriptive insights using advanced machine learning techniques and artificial intelligence. Data Scientists have experience handling various use cases (read – real business challenges) and provide a domain insight in addition to most optimal algorithms. Also, we follow a proactive approach to help our customers operationalize the insights derived from the data.

  • UI/UX
  • Customized Data Visualization
  • Data Insight Tools

Clients have often invested in visualization tools and it has become the first point of entry into analytics. Our efforts are to enable faster utilization of these products and shorten their tools to solutions journey. At the same time, when clients start from scratch, to deliver a very integrated solution with no additional budget to be allocated just for visualization is also a key component of our services. Using a customized approach to Visualization that utilizes the best of breed solutions, we have been able to deliver impactful Analytics to our customers.

Cloud solutions


Our suite of service offerings is designed to help enterprises make a smooth transition to a cloud infrastructure and ensure optimal and cost-effective operations on an on-going basis.


CLOUDpoint consulting services

Journey to the Cloud

In this facilitated workshop we help customers understand the benefits of the cloud, identify security, privacy and compliance requirements & discuss various cloud options. We engage with key stakeholders to determine road map & actionable plans for cloud adoption.

Cloud Readiness
Assessment Workshop

This workshop is designed to facilitate migration of your business applications to the cloud. Key deliverables will include architecture reference diagrams, migration road maps, security architecture, and monthly and annual cost estimates. Any recommendations for doing an initial proof-of-concept prior to full deployment would also be outlined.

Cloud Migration

Our cloud migration factory model addresses the full migration life cycle from application portfolio assessment to discovering dependencies, developing & executing the migration plan, validating the migrated applications and doing the hand-offs to the operations team.


Our platform provides busy development teams with hands-on training. Deliver training content that is relevant, engaging, and contextual to their jobs. Complete missions based on real-world hacking scenarios. Improve engagement and knowledge retention by 50-60% with gamification.
Managers can deploy secure code training on-demand to their teams with our cloud-based platform. They have access to management dashboards to assign challenges & monitor progress on assignments. Schedule training of developer teams based on team priorities. Generate certificates for compliance audits like PCI. Build a security culture by hosting hackathons & CTF events.

Recruitment solutions


While organizations always come to us for building solutions more often than not, we have a dedicated team that enables some organizations to build their core team, without which they are unable to execute product development or projects. We help on-board core team members at an executive level and technical leadership level to increase the efficiency of the team. We undertake these searches specific to the client’s domain, technology and geographic location – worldwide.

On select occasions, we have on-boarded the entire engineering or data team to help our clients jump start their platform development process.

Managed services


MSP program leverages our cloud-based platform to provide 24×7 monitoring of IT infrastructure as well as business critical applications like Exchange, Office 365, Salesforce, etc. It provides a clear view of IT infrastructure, proactive support and policy-based automation to ensure reliable operations and high availability.


A-la-carte services offerings enable you to select the right mix of services for your business:

IT Support Essentials

Having trouble keeping track of you IT assets? Wish you had a better way to get faster support? This is the answer for you.

Professional Monitoring

There is no better way to know what is going on in your IT environment and therefore, no better way to speed up recovery when an issue occurs.

Patch Management

Never worry about having your patches up to date again. Let the experts ensure that your windows and non-windows patches are at a secure level.

Managed Anti-virus

Total desktop security solution including Anti-Virus, Anti-Malware, etc. Hosted Intrusion Protection.

Managed Anti-spam

80% of all viruses are delivered via email. This service offers perimeter protection preventing unwanted email and spam from reaching your network or users.

Managed Backup

Ensure business continuity through scheduled back-up of critical data and restoration in the event of data loss. Apply industry best-practices for the protection of your data against loss through regular on-site backup.

Managed Replication

Moving your data offsite daily provides an additional layer of protection in the event of a disaster at your site. Critical data and restore information are housed in our secure data center.

Managed Compliance Reporting

Meet regulatory compliance requirements for less than your phone bill each month. Being prepared for the audit is much cheaper than paying for it.


15 plus years of proven domain and technology expertise in chosen industries.

We have deep knowledge across public sector business lines, including, eligibility systems, retirement systems, health and human services, water resources, and more.

Leading technology companies trust us to help them with their technology, strategy, and transformation initiatives. Together, we design, develop, test, build, and manage solutions that enable them to shape the future, launch their products and bring to market their ideas and designs with software.

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