People centric team of talented software architects, designers, analysts,
project managers and developers.

Our approach

Team Touchpoints is put together to ensure agility and do what’s right for our clients, making us more about relationships and solutions oriented in our approach rather than task and time. We care deeply about helping our clients tackle their biggest challenges and coming up with innovative approaches to processes, projects and hence solutions.

Our approach is to deploy people and technology where it matters to our clients, in their ecosystem, and ensure sharing our skills and acquired knowledge through experience aids in achieving their outcome.

“At Touchpoints it is about building trust and enabling the long-term success of our clients and timely deployment of their solutions to their customers.”

Our story


  • People first
  • Value driven principles
  • Undertake challenges
  • Challenge Status Quo

Right from the very inception of our firm, we approached things differently. We offered balance and sanity. Balance between industry knowledge and technology skills, balance between outer performance and inner well-being, balance between self develop-ment and team performance. The opportunity to love both your work and your life. To prioritize family and work on high-impact projects with companies in our community.

When we do it consistently over 15 plus years and let our associates and clients experience the difference, it becomes a culture. Our clients include the Fortune 100 to State agencies, along with startups and innovative organizations of all kinds. Most of them FEEL the difference in our response, professionalism, quality and overall value.

Being called a boutique firm and behaving like one amidst changes in the market place, sticking to the tenets of fiscal management and being profitable to be able to invest in people is always a challenge. Paying our employees on time, not missing a single payroll, paying our vendors and maintaining accuracy in our billing are also as important to us as conducting business.

Core values

Compassion and empathy can be embedded in professionalism

Empowered leadership through collaboration

Inclusion and Delivery

Bring your authentic self to work

See It! Own it! Get it done!

Inspire to aspire


Carrier Permits Made Easy and Faster to Implement using Salesforce

Carrier Permits Made Easy and Faster to Implement using Salesforce

Global Touchpoints Inc registers partnership with AWS

Global Touchpoints Inc registers partnership with AWS