Fortune 500 Gaming Company

At a glance

Our client is enabling their organization to have a core team for building a new ad tech platform to complement their already successful gaming divisions. This involved executive positions for engineering, analytics, product management and Data Engineering.

What we did

  • Strategic sourcing and screening of candidates
  • Executive placement of Director, Architects, Developers and Sr Analysts
  • Creating a process of engaging with bright minds in the analytics ecosystem to initiate a dialog with the client team
  • Build a core team to start Experimentation as a practice in the organizations departments


Our client is a rapidly growing business built to connect brands with our 350M + global player base across various business divisions.

They create premium, innovative advertising experiences for world-class casual mobile games like. Looking ahead, they plan to launch advertising across their portfolio, including high growth areas like eSports. This is an exciting time for their growing business.

We are partnering to hire members to their engineering, data, product and analytics team for their Ads team, empowering cutting edge mobile advertising technologies to create the next generation of our Ads Platform.

Touchpoints provides a Solution

Over a period of six quarters, Team Touchpoints worked with the leadership team of our client and enabled onboarding of key roles. These individuals continue to make strategic contributions and are engaged in several mission critical product analytics initiatives.
Being selected as the global partner, we engaged in assisting the client in hiring across, US, Europe and UK.

How can we help?

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