DATApoint Case Studies

At a glance

Our clients have engaged us to jump start building their data solutions. Often times as a team and sometimes just to augment their existing teams. Typically, we undertake these efforts for some of the leading companies that are into building products and solutions in the space of social media, IOT, Automation and digital solution engineering

What we did

Data Engineering, Machine Learning, and Data Sciences engagements:

  • Involved as a key investor and stakeholder in building an AI (Machine Learning) platform for Software Testing (inventor, patent pending technology). Responsible for data engineering, technology architecture, data science algorithms, product engineering and infrastructure components.
  • “Analytics as a Service” practice to deliver specific data science and data engineering related work on a SOW basis to fortune 500 clients in Banking, Software, Gaming and Storage Industry.
  • Architected and implemented recommendation engine based on machine learning techniques applied to large volumes of financial data (8 billion transactions).
  • Automated deployment using Python Fabric scripts. Automated data pipeline from IO data center server sensors to the Hadoop cluster using Flume.
  • AI based data ingestion platform development for IOT company
    • Lead development to work on the IOT platform that is AI driven and impact changes to the coding and enable integration with IOT devices for data ingestion and analysis. Understanding and developing key business logic that caters to the need of the application with data schema as required
    • Provisioning the Data Science outputs as generated and formatting and feeding it to the Application Layer with triggers
    • Responsible for building an end to end Data Infrastructure that is feeding the 3 Applications build for their energy client using Streamsets Data Collector and in-house developed ingestion tools

How can we help?

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