Dear friends:

The recent months have given several reflective moments for mankind. It is fair to say that several individuals and certainly organizations have been compelled to realign their priorities and contemplate. The founders of Touchpoints are from India and recent images from our homeland has caused grief and in some cases despair too. Our thoughts are for our families in India and our associates/partners and well wishers that have always supported us. Some of the extended families of our associates have been impacted by the pandemic’s deep impact and sudden spiral.

We believe the only way to respond to this is collectively take responsibilities of care, safety and precaution in all sincerity. Only when we do so, will we have the ability to extend a helping hand to others and put our empathy and compassion into action. This is a global crisis and we know that nobody is safe till everyone is safe. We have been communicating with our friends, partners, associates and clients to ensure we do our part and not drop our guards.

We have tried to keep in touch with other fellow CEOs and leaders of organizations like ours to help mobilize resources and participate in initiatives that will help India get over this crisis. It is not about pointing fingers and finding out what could have been done differently. It is about finding solutions and ensuring that help is given where needed and continued safety measures are taken in the interest of one and all.

Wellness and wellbeing are important at Touchpoints. We have believed that simple ancient practices when applied to daily life, will enable us overcome such situations and also put us in a position to be of help to others. We have partnered with several organizations that advocate for corporate wellness through practices like Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation and shared with our teams, clients, partners and everyone in the industry to avail of. We will continue to do so.

Our hearts go out to families that have lost loved ones and those that are overcoming the crisis they have succumbed to. We join the families in prayers for early recovery of those tested positive and overall recovery of the nation from this devastating impact of the pandemic.

Leadership Team