California Department of Human Resources (CalHR):

Centralizing Discrimination Cases in State of California

At a glance

CalHR wanted a new central case management system to track all discrimination related cases logged with Equal Employment Opportunity Offices across all State departments. CalHR selected the Salesforce Lightening platform to undertake this effort.

What we did

  • Requirements Engineering
  • System Design
  • Application Development
  • Salesforce Lightening platform implementation
  • Integration with CA State Employee Directory

Protecting Equal Employment Rights of all CA state employees

The Office of Civil Rights (OCR) under CalHR is tasked with overseeing all Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Offices that fall under the State Government. As part of a Governor mandate to centralize all cases related to discrimination, OCR took on the task of creating a central case management system that would help them meet this mandate.

The new system would ensure that OCR has an overview of all EEO cases logged in the State government departments are available under one central system. OCR will provide oversight to help EEO offices perform their investigations smoothly and also act as a check on any suspicious activity. OCR was also tasked to provide a statewide report to the legislature every year. OCR selected the Salesforce Lightening platform to implement this solution.

The overall project was also under oversight by the CA Department of Technology and CA Government Operations Agency.

Touchpoints provides a solution

After selecting Salesforce Lightening platform as the product, CalHR was looking for a partner to implement their Discrimination Complaint Management System (DCTS). After a rigorous vetting process, they selected Touchpoints. Due to the sensitivity of the business problem and the exposure to multiple agencies and Governor’s office, it was of paramount importance for us to provide a top-class solution and deliver it on schedule. Salesforce provided the perfect platform to deliver this solution.

With support from the Product Owners and CalHR Information Technology, our Analysis team conducted requirement validation sessions to listen to the project needs. We did not just gather the requirements but engineered them so that they can be met efficiently by the Salesforce Lightening platform. Due to the short timeline, Touchpoints took a proactive approach to choosing the best configuration solutions for CalHR and provided custom coded features only when there was no other way.

The OCR process and program were not an established one and hence we had to work very closely with the Product Owners to ensure that their business objectives were met fully, and the system provided enough flexibility to scale to their future needs.

We integrated the system with the CA State Employee Directory in order to pull real-time results that can be added to the cases created in the system.

The DCTS system was deployed to production in July of 2019 and since it is a statewide system, it will be rolled out to all of the departments through a phased training schedule through the end of 2019.

Touchpoints is working on supporting the DCTS system by performing maintenance activities which are planned out to early 2020.

The DCTS system will provide an entirely new and groundbreaking way to track and view discrimination related cases for the CA State Government. It will ensure that the right resources are allocated to the right EEO Offices at the right time so that they can adequately perform their duty of supporting victims of discrimination.

Technical environment and tools used

  • Salesforce Lightening Platform
  • Custom Lightening Components
  • Microsoft TFS
  • Data Loader
  • Flosum

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