CA Department of Motor Vehicles: Mobile Vehicle Registration Renewal

At a glance

Each year about 32 million vehicle owners in California renew their vehicle’s registration. A majority of these renewals happen through their online portal. Over the recent years, with the increase in mobile web traffic, DMV realized that it could no longer afford to make its customers ‘pinch to zoom’ on their mobile handsets. Moreover, with the hectic pace of life today, anything that saves people time is worth its weight in gold. A mobile website with fewer screens to navigate became an imperative need.

Responding quickly to this growing need, DMV approached Touchpoints, to provide a cost-effective Mobile solution for their online Vehicle Registration Renewal system.

Business Problem

DMV wanted a Systems Integration partner to

  • Build and Deliver the Mobile web app for registration renewal
  • Seamlessly integrate this solution into the existing DMV NOW Mobile apps (IOS and Android)
  • Provide a repeatable Mobile development framework that could be adopted by its Information Systems Division (ISD) for future projects
  • Seamlessly integrate the Mobile development strategy/framework without disrupting the ongoing re-organization at ISD

How We Helped

With deep understanding of DMV’s technology landscape, and prior experience with successful mobile implementations, the Touchpoints team hit the ground running on day one. We designed and delivered an elegant mobile web application based on a hybrid mobile process framework that had the best of Agile, Iterative and Waterfall-SDLC. From the definition of User Experience (UX) through Development, Testing and Go-Live, Touchpoints team led ISD’s functional units, to work in a collaborative mode of development. Despite organizational challenges in execution of the project, our adept handling of risks and issues helped deliver this project ahead of time with minimal issues.

Business Impact

  • Prior to the new system, citizens could only go to desktop website to renew their vehicle or vessel. That meant the citizen was constrained by using small screen on a mobile device. The new system would provide citizens the opportunity to seamlessly renew their vehicles in a mobile friendly interface with fewer than 3 screens to navigate.
  • Touchpoints helped realize the Mobile VRIR project within budget and ahead of schedule. This drew commendation from the State’s project sponsors as well as DMV’s Business group.
  • We were able to successfully implement the mobile process framework that the clients found it immensely useful for their enterprise wide app development processes.

“Thank you again for the mobile website development process. I think you’ve done terrific work!”
– Senior DMV Executive

Technical Environment and Tools Used

  • Java/J2EE
  • JQuery Mobile
  • iRise

How can we help?

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