Electronic & High-Tech Manufacturing

Electronic & High-Tech Manufacturing

Softer demand, strong global competition, ever-shorter product life cycles, declining prices, complex supply chains, and, as a result of all of those, reduced profitability are the realities that several high-tech firms face worldwide. That’s why many high-tech firms have turned their attention to improving operational efficiency, reducing costs, and reevaluating their prospects for growth within a rapidly changing environment.

Our team attends to providing proven experience across the entire high-tech-industry application development, data analytics, system integration and create a value chain in helping clients adapt and thrive in the new environment by:

  • Developing deep, model-based insights into customer and product profitability and complexity reduction in order to gain immediate value in the bottom line.
  • Improving application development cycle by balancing projects on-site, off-shore and off-site – thus reducing organizational complexity to change organizational focus and drive out unproductive overhead costs
  • Improving supply chain management and strategic sourcing approaches to realize savings out of difficult-to-source technical talent and services – professional services, information technology, data sciences, business analysis & project management.
  • Rationalizing sales and distribution footprints by leveraging our deep analytical and benchmarking models to get our data scientists to build predictive models and maximize output of all sales channels
  • Transforming engineering, development, and information technology activities without affecting value-adding innovation