Being in the business of delivering innovative solutions for a variety of industries, Touchpoints has taken the initiative to build technology solutions that could demonstrate its expertise in undertaking cutting edge product and application development, mobile, cloud and big data engineering, and advanced analytics initiatives.

These solutions are developed on diverse technology platforms by industry leading professionals with specific expertise deploying the best of the methodologies, technologies and tools imaginable. The solution architects, scientists, and developers of Touchpoints are well positioned to bring this skill for its clients and design, build, and train clients for the use of custom software solutions. Hence, our innovative approach is not simply limited to the technology we use but also to our delivery, deployment and methodologies.

Service Offerings

Flexible Service Models

As a firm devoted to solving the most challenging problems of our clients and serving them as best we can, Touchpoints has cultivated a very reliable team of experts and solutions frameworks that can be deployed in a variety of ways to meet the changing needs of our clients.

Salient features that differentiate the services of Touchpoints are:
  • Consulting team consists of technology and business domain experts each with more than 12 years of experience on average.
  • Flexibility to deploy our team and/or solutions on a Turn-key Project basis, an outcome defined ‘Statement of Work’ (SOW) basis, a task defined ‘Task Order’ (TO) basis, or even a ‘Time & Material’ (T&M) basis as needed.
  • Repeatable and Scalable end to end programs to solve a particular business problem.
  • Flexible usage-based licensing and cloud-based delivery of particular algorithmic solutions
  • Adaptability to IT investment made by clients to maximize ROI

Turn-key Projects

In the field of information technology, change is the only constant. With a number of new technologies under consideration and pressure to realize ROI on already invested technology dollars, Clients are forced to engage IT services partners capable of undertaking equal risks and complete the projects on an turnkey basis. Touchpoints is capable of scoping out such work, identify specific deliverables and accept payment terms at the end of each deliverable thus enabling the Client to share their risk and reward only for performance. Touchpoints can undertake such work onsite at the Client location or off-site at our location.

Statements of Work & Task Orders

Clients have significant investment made in number of different technologies, methodologies and frameworks.It is imperative sometimes for them to engage a IT services partner, who can deliver specifically scoped out work in definedtime and cost parameters. Having a roster of talented technology associates with domain expertise, backed with teams of business analysts and project managers, Touchpoints is able to consistently deliver project/ engagements and assignments per the Service Level Agreements signed. This arrangement enables a number of Clients maintain visibility and control over strategic and urgent project undertaking and still getting external help to complete them.

Staff Augmentation

In the circumstances where a client may need the help of expert talent in select technologies directly at their locations on time and material basis.  Domain knowledge of our technology associates help our Clients realize their business objective faster and better than any typical staffing company.

Experienced Teams

With over 10 years of experience attracting, grooming, and retaining top engineering, analytics, and business talent, we continue to cultivate a team with the right mix of skills, experience, and education to solve the most pressing and challenging problems our clients face currently or are likely to face in the coming months and years.

With Touchpoints team members on your mission critical projects, you can rest assured that:

  • You have a wealth of specialized subject matter expertise that may be of particular need to achieve your goals
  • with a company wide average of 12+ years of hands-on industry experience you know that we have the kind of resources to get the job done faster and get it done right the very first time.