Our Success Stems from the Success of our Employees

Touchpoints growth bears testimony to the fact that its employees are exposed to various facets of business at a very early stage of their careers and get to be expert professionals rather than just software programmers or developers. We empower them to develop a career that includes variety as well as the chance to emphasize specific domain expertise and technology skill.

Our People

We hire innovative people who listen intently, exceed their full potential and help clients do the same. We focus every decision on achieving success for our clients, by constantly finding innovative solutions in the process, methodology, framework, technology as well as the talent we bring together on our teams. This unique position is an outcome of our consistent input from our clients. They emphasize on our quality, culture and people as significant contributors to the success of their initiatives. When hiring new expertise for our firm, we look predominantly for individuals who exemplify the quality of “Leadership Within.” Leadership Within can be described as those individuals who openly exhibit the following:

  • Passion
  • Listening
  • Simplicity
  • Persistent Action
  • Urgency
  • Self Confidence
  • Self Regulation
  • Self Awareness

Once aboard the Toucpoints team, we provide all the resources our experts need to ensure their ongoing success and the furthering of their career. We actively encourage and sponsor training, provide mentoring and conduct performance reviews to assist employees in their growth along their career path. Employee health check reports are a mandate for our Talent Managers to ensure proper servicing of our employees.

Thought Leadership

Thought leadership is the primary objective for our employees.

Being a firm built upon the expertise of its employees, we strive to push the limits of technology research and its applicability to new use cases that can benefit our clients across multiple industries. We also support our team members in their efforts to continue research, contributing to open source projects, and submitting papers to conferences in order to demonstrate areas of interest and add value to the tech community as a whole.

While at any location, whether it is a client’s or ours, they consistently thrive to deliver innovative solutions to achieve the desired outcomes. Every engagement has a WIN-WIN-WIN proposition carved out for our Clients, Employees and the firm.

Core Values

One of the core values on which we have build Touchpoints is to foster a culture of WORK-LIFE BALANCE. To this end, employees are encouraged to extend beyond their routine jobs and participate in achieving excellence in various aspects of their life, profession, hobbies, community projects etc…

Having highly motivated employees seeking career progression, enables us carve out innovative delivery propositions for our clients with PREDICTABILITY AND CERTAINITY in the outcomes. This also ensures a very assured career path for our associates that are at client locations as well as working on projects inhouse.

Other core values we are focused on at Touchpoints:

  • Honesty
  • Respect
  • Open Communication & Listening
  • Learning
  • High performance
  • Customer service
  • Leadership
  • Life & community


To maintain our position as a key advisor to numerous F500 companies in the areas of custom application development and advanced analytics, our strategy includes three key pillars:

  • Leveraging our business domain and technology expertise to solve client problems more quickly than our competitors while delivering more value and insight at the same time.
  • Maintaining an elite “Center of Excellence” in which teams of multidisciplinary technologists collaborate to develop advanced proprietary analytics and Big Data capabilities.
  • Hiring, grooming and retaining the best engineering and analytics talent in the world by focusing on solving the most interesting and challenging data-driven problems that we can find.