Global Touchpoints has delivered quality services and solution for clients over the last decade. Over the years, the organization has grown and established itself in developing custom platforms and applications. With a primary focus on developing expertise and building specialization, the organization has three primary divisions to extend services and solutions.

  • PROFESSIONAL SERVICES: Comprising of deployment of expert talent at our client locations on a time and material basis or team staffing approach.
  • PROJECT SERVICES: Turnkey execution of application development and platform development projects for our cients to delivery high ROI and quick turn-around by leveraging domain and technical expertise of our team.
  • SOLUTIONS : Frameworks and solutions developed at our Center of Excellence in select technologies and domains to enable our clients take advantage of our technical expertise. With delivery of Proofs of Concept, Statement of Work and pilot prototypes we enable our clients validate their business case, use case and technology investments

Touchpoints is established itself as a quality partner for its clients in the US with offices in Roseville, CA and San Ramon, CA. We also have our Center of Excellence in India for Data Analytics and Sciences in addition to extending our other services to the asian subcontinent.

A timeline of our accomplishments and milestones over 10 years is given below.


Comprised of a passion to service our clients in the public and private sector, our association dates back to summer of 1992. After about 12 years of association as colleagues, neighbors, friends and family, we decided to launch a company that could provide us a platform to convert our expertise and passion into tangible results for our clients.

Established in 2004, Touchpoints, came into existence when the industry was trying to recover from the .com bust and technology marketplace was skeptical about investing in new technologies,staffing industry had to re-earn their stripes for quality and authenticity and yet keep pace with the emerging technologies.

Having built the initial foundation by delivering custom applications for our clients on open technologies, bridging legacy platforms to the more current ones, Touchpoints has been recognized for its quality, responsiveness and fair value.


Our success story is also about the success of our customers, employees and partners. Since our inception, the first opportunity to the most recent, our clients have enabled us to identify the gap in the marketplace and deliver value across technologies, platforms and industry domains.

Our roots are in delivering applications, platforms and solutions with experts. Expertise – both domain and technology based, has been our foundation. Having adapted to the changing technology landscape in the marketplace, continuing to align our services to the needs of our clients have made us a trusted advisor to our clients.
We also pride in serving both the Public Sector and Private Sector marketplace – this has enabled some of our applications impact daily lives of the citizens too.

Solutions delivered with our expertise power the mission-critical applications that transform business. These transformations impact the business outcomes for our clients. Some of our clients are the world’s most innovative companies including some Fortune 100 companies.
We are engaged by industry leaders in developing solutions based on commercially supported, enterprise-ready platforms, the open source technology, data analytics and data sciences.






  • Domain expertise-led technology leadership
  • Experience in developing  enterprise solutions and platforms using open systems and Microsoft technologies.
  • Expertise across a range of technologies that includes legacy platforms, Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud
  • Proven methodology to transition and support existing processes and applications for consistent quality and results
  • Analytics as a Service – Improved productivity through greater focus on AI for POC development, rapid prototyping and distributed agile development methodologies
  • Centre of Excellence for Data Analytics and Data Sciences that is involved in constant innovation using Big Data technologies.