Today’s retailers face a new breed of customers-and a new set of IT challenges. With more consumers comparing and buying products and services in stores, online and via mobile devices, they expect retailers to provide fast, consistent and seamless 24/7 service across all channels. And if your organization can’t deliver, another retailer is just a click away.

To thrive in this new environment, retailers must find new ways to enhance the customer experience in their stores and online, and respond rapidly to changes in the marketplace. But without emerging technology expertise and a robust infrastructure that connects all customer touch points, many retailers struggle to find ways to strengthen relationships and grow their business.

At Touchpoints, we help retailers leverage our expertise and develop a technical edge over its competitors. By transforming their technology to take advantage of the latest in mobile, social and analytics, retailers can get a full 360 degree view of their customers, and figure out how to best serve them across the entire purchase process.

Touchpoints helps retailers transform their technology through:

  • Store Portal, to improve collaboration, inventory and promotions management within and across stores
  • Omni Channel Commerce Orchestration supported by gesture-based and mobile technology to carry out the entire purchase cycle across multiple channels
  • Multi-Channel Customer Engagement and Loyalty leveraging social media and gamification
  • Integrated Customer Insights leveraging predictive analytics and big data to harness transactional, social, location, demographic data to fine tune promotions placement and inventory
  • Moblie Payment Solutions: Build capable mobile solution architecture across IOS, Android or Hybrid to enable flexible and social platforms for clients to make payments.