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Global Touchpoints has been a solid partner to the Employment development department and has been engaged in a number of projects at EDD for the last 6 years including UI-MOD and CA-SIDEs.

The California State Information Data Exchange System (CA-SIDES) project is the California implementation of the national UI SIDES (Unemployment Insurance State Information Data Exchange System) program.
The California State Information Data Exchange System (CA-SIDES) program offers a web-based system that allows electronic transmission of Unemployment Insurance (UI) information requests from UI agencies to employers and third party administrators (TPAs). A strategic partnership between DOL, state UI agencies, and some large employers and TPAs led to the development of National UI SIDES (Unemployment Insurance State Information Data Exchange System). The program offers employers and TPAs a secure, electronic and nationally-standardized format in which they can easily respond to UI information requests, attach documentation as needed, and receive a date-stamped confirmation of receipt. Employers and TPAs in states implementing UI SIDES can adopt an electronic standardized format to better anticipate and supply the data needed for UI information requests, reduce follow-up phone calls, streamline their UI response processes, and reduce paperwork while saving time and money.

Unemployment Insurance Modernization (UIMOD): This system was developed so that the Claimants can file unemployment insurance claims online. This used to be a paper based process.
Phase 1 of this project went live around 3 years ago. This was only for the internal EDD staff to process the claims.
Phase 2 went live around 18 months ago which is the public portal for claim-filing.