Banking Finance Services & Insurance

Banking Finance Services & Insurance

The banking industry is rapidly changing. With the emergence of increased customer mobility, social media and analytic capabilities, banks are being forced to rethink their traditional IT strategies. To succeed in this ever-evolving environment, you must leverage technology to seize new opportunities or risk losing valuable customers to competitors that do.

To increase customer loyalty, banks need to put consumers at the heart of their IT transformation by delivering a rich, consistent customer experience across all channels and with all services. Banks can accomplish this by building strong analytic capabilities that deliver valuable insights and enable quick responses to changing market conditions. However, this takes emerging technology expertise and an infrastructure that unifies all customer activities.

At Touchpoints, we help banks and financial institutions transform their IT strategies to deliver reliable, predictable and scalable services to their customers. We manage and execute strategic initiatives using innovative solutions, provide support for mission critical software and applications, gain insights from historical data, and use digital communications to engage with partners and customers.

Some of the areas Touchpoints helps financial institutions transform their technology and impact the outcome are:

Credit Processing, to automate corporate credit origination process, improve operational efficiency and enable compliance with regulatory reporting requirements.

Digital Transformation, including customer portals and mobile enablement, to enable improved communication between partners and customers

Business Intelligence derived from data management and data warehouse platforms to provide insights and help make more informed decisions.

Application Development and Testing using innovative delivery approaches and get maximum ROI, visibility with shared control and risk.

Big Data & Analytics Leveraging information existing to extract value and build predictive models that result in actionable outcomes.

With expertise in these areas we can help your financial organization leverage leading-edge technology to gain a competitive advantage.