Department of Motor Vehicles

Department of Motor Vehicles

Since 2011 Global Touchpoints has executed multiple successful projects for DMV. We have worked with multiple groups within DMV in developing applications that touch the life of citizens of California every day. Our work has had many benefits ranging from making California a safer place to drive to reducing the hassle of waiting in lines. Our systems are used by millions of DMV customers everyday to take driver knowledge tests, make appointments at field offices, renew vehicle registrations and more.

DMV has significantly reduced fraud in their Stockton field office due to our Automated Multiple Choice Knowledge Testing System (AMCKTS) which won the award for best application serving the public in 2013. See more here.

In our latest effort at DMV, we are expanding the AMCKTS system for a statewide deployment (around 180 offices) which will include features like:

Fingerprint authentication
30 new test languages
New test maintenance features
New modules for DMV partners like CHP, Driver Safety, and Occupational Licensing.

Our IT capabilities for Department of Motor Vehicles include:

  • Custom Application Development
  • Application Maintenance and Enhancements
  • Mobile Website Development
  • Business Intelligence and Reporting
  • Project Management