To ensure that we fully support all elements of our operating vision, we  follow a business model which integrates the four facets of a business into the Business Diamond.  As we perform, we evaluate how all four corners of the Business Diamond will get affected.  This enables us to focus our efforts on what matters most – Our Clients.

  • The EXPERTISE, TALENT AND ORGANIZATION required to deliver quality solutions consistent with the highest global standards
  • The INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY to be a learning organization and develop innovative solutions to enhance client and organization productivity.
  • The customer centricSERVICE MODEL we use to plan and execute.
  • The VALUES, ASPIRATIONS AND BELIEFS that motivate the human behavior which leads to service excellence.


The Accountability Based Organization


At Touchpoints the first problem-solving question is“ What delights the customer”. At Touchpoints – internal and external customers as a company’s raison d’etre, professional growth, personal self-esteem are measured on the scale of ability to meet new challenges.

Enabling the Expert Organization


In today’s business environment, “quality expertise” is a default requirement for staying aheadin business and becoming an expert team is essential.  “Technology” becomes the primary enabler in this process and exploring the Latin roots of the word helps us understand why: “techno” means the “mystery of craft” and “logy” refers to organized, systematic and purposeful knowledge.

With our practical application of technology we can enable productivity achieve a new level to help companies compete and win.

Built for Speed, Agility and Responsiveness


Touchpoints has within its framework three key areas through which we engage with our clients:

  • Application/ Platform Development and Management
  • System Integration & Management
  • Big Data Engineering
  • Data Analytics and Sciences
  • Social, Mobile and Cloud Computing

Unseen Factors in a Motivated Company


The least tangible aspect of Touchpoints’ Business Diamond – values, aspirations and beliefs – is also the most important.  This is the often unspoken social, moral, and ethical guidelines by which each of us decides what to do in various situations.

Our value: To establish a T.O.U.C.H. of class!
Celebrating expertise, success and fulfillment of commitments.
communication_icon OPEN COMMUNICATION
Teamwork, sharing, integrity
Community Outreach; Work-Life balance – Family values.
commitment COMMITMENT
To the team, our clients, stake holders and our community
happy_icon  HAVING FUN
Enjoy the experience – count our blessings – everyday!